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Project Description
Orchard Twitter Rules makes it easier for Orchard users to send Tweets in Twitter service after the trigger of events in the Orchard CMS. It's developed in C# and makes use of the Orchard Rules engine. Making it easy to automatically Tweet after a BlogPost publishing.

This project brings a module for the Orchard CMS community that allows the Orchard Site the ability to publish tweets after the trigger of regular events in the Orchard CMS.

The idea from this project came after reading the great article from David Hayden in the following url:

The feature funcionality integrates seamsly with the Orchard 1.3 Rules engine mechanism and can be managed and configured directly from the Rules admin UI.

By enabling the Twitter Rules feature you can hook up any events that are exposed by the Content module (Created, Published, etc) to a Twitter Rule action, on any ContentType, for example, as in the David Hayden's example, you can set the rule to be triggered by the publish of a BlogPost anytime in your Site that a new BlogPost is published, a Tweet will be published automatically in the Twitter service by the account associated with the current user.


This module was created over the Orchard.Rules engine that was introduced in Orchard 1.3 and is dependent on it. It can be downloaded from the Orchard Modules Admin UI, from the Orchard Gallery site in the following url:

The source project site can be found in CodePlex in the following url: Open Authentication
This module uses extensivelly the great module of Nicholas Mayne (NGM.OpenAuthentication), for the whole interaction with the Twitter service, great job Nick!
This project can be found in:

It uses Linq2Twitter for the interaction with the Twitter service. This project can also be found in CodePlex:

- Facebook integration.
- Google+ integration.
- Utilization of a Shorten url service, like

I hope this feature will be of a good use to the community and all the help is appreciated.

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